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Privacy Policy

IMPORTANT: we are still waiting for the all new privacy policy form the lawyers! We apologise for the delay, if you need ugent information please contact us at info (at) - in the meantime here is a summary of our policy. We treat your data with the upmost respect and security.

What we store

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • A record of every dart thrown summarised
  • If you have played and who they are (for the Buddies league)
  • Any votes you have cast


We ONLY use cookies to identify you when logged in, in the cookie we only store an encrypted string to link you to your account so you see your darts data and not anyone else's.

Sharing data

It's important to note that UniScore is run in partnership with Unicorn but is self contained enterty. BEcause of our association with Unicorn Darts we do share your email address periodically with Unicorn Darts for the purposes of a newsletter ONLY. If you opted not to be contacted by newsletter then your details would not be shared with anyone.